Facebook-owned company testing new feature

Facebook-owned company testing a new feature



Brian Acton is one of the tremendous minds at the back of what we recognise as WhatsApp these days. He in conjunction with Jan Koum based the employer in 2009 and later it offered out to fb in 2014 for $19 billion.

Now the Co-Founder Brian Acton has made some surprising remark about fb. Acton, in an interaction with students at Standford University, criticized fb for its alleged involvement in selling customers’ data and requested college students no longer to apply fb.

We deliver them the power. That’s the terrible component. We purchase their merchandise. We sign up for these websites. Delete fb, proper?” Acton stated

The Co-Founder had a disagreement with the facebook CEO concerning monetization in WhatsApp and that led to him leaving the corporation. Acton become towards showing ads inside WhatsApp, he believed they could find a higher alternative to monetize the app. As per him, commercials inner facebook method weakening of encryption which in the end reasons harm to the customers’ privateness.

Acton additionally made a shocking revelation. The Co-Founder wasn’t very eager on promoting WhatsApp to fb, in fact, whether to transport ahead with fb or not wasn’t up to him to determine. “I had 50 personnel, and that i needed to reflect onconsideration on them and the money they might make from this sale. I had to consider our investors and i had to consider my minority stake. I didn’t have the entire clout to say no if I desired to,” Acton said.

WhatsApp is running on a major new feature to address the spread of misinformation on its service. The fb-owned chat app is internally trying out a new alternative that could allow a person to speedy verify the legitimacy of pictures they have obtained on WhatsApp by means of checking if they had ever seemed at the net before.

A reference of this selection became first spotted with the aid of WABetaInfo, a developer that has received notoriety for revealing destiny WhatsApp product plans by combing via the app’s code. VentureBeat is aware the corporation is certainly internally checking out the function, despite the fact that a WhatsApp spokesperson declined to remark.

The unnamed characteristic relies on Google’s opposite photo search function to allow WhatsApp users upload an photo and locate where it has appeared at the web. That is a smart answer by WhatsApp, which protects all messages and media content material on its platform with end-to-end encryption. At the same time as extremely beneficial to give up users, the usage of encryption additionally drastically curtails WhatsApp’s capability to test the content material of messages and media on its platform.

In rising markets, users are displaying a growing appetite for sharing facts through photos. In places like India, WhatsApp’s biggest marketplace and wherein the provider is grappling with the spread of false information, the function should probably help many customers quickly confirm information and get extra context approximately the photo they have obtained..for more info you can check that https://coolstatusquotes.in.

The possibly impending feature comes as WhatsApp has been introducing diverse safeguards on the platform. The agency has enforced a restriction at the variety of messages WhatsApp customers can forward, and run numerous academic campaigns to urge tens of tens of millions of first-time customers to be more careful approximately the messages they proportion with their friends and circle of relatives. Last month, WhatsApp said its device was banning 2 million faux or abusive money owed every month — a great deal of that with out relying on reporting from users.you can visit this site for more knowledge whatsapp status.






Bigger Is generally higher – huge automobiles including vans and RVs frequently have windshields which can be similarly far from the driving force than in passenger motors. Additionally, vehicles frequently have larger windshields usual, allowing large GPS gadgets with out blockading your view of the street. A massive-display 7-inch screen GPS is easier to look in huge cabs. Some GPS makers, which includes Rand McNally, offer even large monitors, such as the eight-inch Rand McNally OverDryve 8Pro Truck GPS.

2. Lifetime Map Updates:
This is probably the most important component to look for whilst choosing the nice truck GPS. Map updates no longer simplest add new roads to the domestically saved map, however additionally repair errors in older maps (road names, site visitors instructions), and refresh the database of points of interest (POIs), putting off lifeless entries for closed businesses and including new locations. Deciding to buy these updates can get luxurious over the longer term, but paying a piece more on the the front give up for lifetime map updates can save you cash and dramatically lengthen the life of your GPS tool.

TomTom and Garmin offer lifetime maps of North america (usa and Canada) for all in their truck GPS models. At the same time as Rand Mcnally best gives lifetime maps for its “LM” series, which includes TND 730 LM and TND 530 LM.

3. Built-in dash Cam
The great GPS for vehicles don’t actually need a integrated sprint cam, but you must recollect it. Sprint Cam recorded visuals is probably a crucial felony evidence to protect you in an unlucky twist of fate or from an coverage fraud. Sometimes you may be fortunate enough to seize an extraordinary footage on your cam that can be viral on YouTube and different social media. Remember, you can’t compare these sprint cams with your professional video digicam or cellphone digicam.

Many GPS makers are presenting truck GPS stand-alone gadgets with incorporated dashcams. Garmin additionally sells a unit that, similarly to the dashcam, features lane departure and ahead collision warnings. The Garmin DezlCam LMTHD 6-Inch Truck Navigator yet has a photo function that permits you to capture nevertheless snap shots — or even cast off the unit from your truck to take pix of any collision harm.

4. Visitors records
Like integrated sprint cam, actual-time site visitors records isn’t a should. However if the truck GPS device that you’re searching at gives loose “lifetime” visitors facts, then this issue will become a no-brainer. For people who stay in areas wherein visitors isn’t a massive trouble, traffic facts isn’t honestly necessary. But, for truck drivers in predominant metropolitan regions in which gridlock may be an trouble, inclusive of San Francisco, visitors offerings like TomTom’s HD site visitors and Garmin’s HD digital traffic can imply the distinction among getting home in meal time and sitting in a jam as a result of a baseball game.

5. Custom designed Truck Routing
This is every other vital characteristic to do not forget when it comes to selecting a brand new GPS tool in your truck. The fine truck GPS units should have the truck path feature. Maximum models reviewed in this newsletter include this option.Now take a look at how these features of Best Truck GPS.

Custom designed Truck Routing allows for the introduction of truck profiles which allows you and other truck drivers to go into the dimensions of the truck like duration, width and weight. This records permits the GPS devices to create custom designed routes which are suitable for the dimensions and weight of the truck.

Ketozin – Does This Product Really Work? Read Reviews

Ketozin – Does This Product Really Work? Read Reviews


Ketozin food plan – Getting a narrow shape frame isn’t always an clean activity as we understand, however it would be easy if
We select up a correct approach to get in shape and i’m certain whilst you become regular to at least one
Wholesome components it’s going to denitely provide you wholesome advantage to become slender and healthful
For all time. Inside the marketplace, there may be some of supplements available however you should
Select the pleasant supplement to elevate your ability to do paintings and we mounted your stamina
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The supplement will band more calories and additionally preserve manage over the meals cravings it additionally
Boosts metabolism which increases the digestion to burn the extra energy and it is right for
Making your frame slim. The great factor is it does no longer incorporate any chemical substances it’s miles most effective about Ketogenic due to the fact it’s far a woodland fashion these days to lose the burden and now this product is
To be had in clean form to take and gain the maximum benefits because the patron it’s far very
Dicult that allows you to be normal at the weight loss plan however the complement will make you ordinary at the dad
By lowering your meals cravings and also enhancing your intellectual stamina to be more cognizance for
Your work have on your day by day activities the supplement isn’t simplest approximately dropping your weight it’s miles
About to retaining you have all over healthy lifestyle in which you’ll without difficulty eliminate your
Digestion problem lack of enthusiasm get comfort from joint pains and so forth.

Complete dropping the wholesome weight within a short time it only a miracle if it happens but you need to
Make investments at least three months of yours in getting a proper shape is it’s far compulsory and you are
Taking a natural dietary supplements so it takes time to deliver the consequences. There may be no question to mention
That in case you pick up the chemical solutions and also move for the search tree so that it will provide u end result
Inside the days but do you believe you studied is it safe I for my part don’t agree with on this due to the fact it’s miles
High priced but additionally it come up with masses of pain which need to in no way get a herbal complement youThis female is based totally on ketogenic food plan which become the metabolism and produced ketosis
Manufacturing within the liver which assist to burn the stubborn fats and also the least the toxins which
Are accountable for the accumulation of pop which supplement is secure and wholesome for each
Male and girl don’t forget about to be keep with your normal food plan and exercising due to the fact it’s far
Obligatory properly there and millions of supplements which can be claiming you to quit your exercising
And dieting and you’ll see the results however I individually don’t accept as true with in this reality and don’t
Advise you to quit your workout due to the fact it’s miles the fastest medium to get the results whilst
You integrate the each methods to get in shape.For best services you can visit just goto Ketozin.

Ketozin weight loss program consists of fat burning ingredients
Which might be good in imparting the great of solve it encompass hydro citric acid which is unknown
Components to stop the formation of amusing and additionally the burning of fat rapidly it also guard your
Body from the dangerous infections in which is a green Tea Leaf extract is a famous growing
To enhance the alertness of the mind it additionally prevents your frame from the dangerous sicknesses like
Most cancers or some other issues. You do now not need to suppose greater simply we will order of the
Supplement and you’ll see the exquisite effects.You can read more about Fitose.

Once you have got spun a textual content

Once you have got spun a textual content



However, why is using the use of paraphrasing equipment and paraphrase generator recommended so comprehensively to its customers? It’s far no marvel that writing or rewriting a piece of writing will be a time-consuming process, and it is able to take at the least two hours to craft to a terrific article. In case you are given a cut-off date to finish a writing mission, it is able to come to be hard so one can meet the necessities of the thing inside a given time frame. You may additionally grow to be making pointless errors and mistakes in haste.

Also, if you are running as a content material writer, you’re regularly required to fulfill the necessities of Google to make your article desirable enough to publish on the internet. Writing an editorial may be a risky manner if it isn’t accomplished efficiently, it is able to result in more harm than excellent, which may bring about the devaluation of your seo manner. It can additionally threat your job; consequently, you are required to hire the use of pinnacle paraphrasing gear online to make certain that you aren’t most effective writing plagiarism-loose content material but, also developing amazing content that complies with the provisions of Google.

While developing a piece of writing according with search engine optimization, you’re required to make sure that the character of the object is specific, and it does not proportion any resemblance to further written articles on the internet. You can actually copy and paste content within the given field, and the object spinner will create specific articles, which you can submit for your blog or internet site.

When posting an article on Google, the hunt engine scans the context of the textual materials, and if it detects any type of plagiarism in the article, it will more likely reject your article, and mark it as junk mail, and also you do now not need that at any expenses. Instead, growing particular articles and textual posts the use of Spinbot permits you to growth your site visitors rating on Google, and it can also help you in publishing textual posts for your website simply for oneway links.

If the concept of using a paraphrasing tool to reword an available article intrigues you, you must preserve the following salient features in thoughts to make sure ultimate results:

If you are thinking about using a reward to trade the context of a piece of writing with out excluding it of its true implication, you have to pick excellent content material. If the satisfactory of the thing is mediocre, the spinner will deduce low-exceptional effects, that are more likely to get rejected via Google or your patron.

Once you have got spun a textual content, you ought to refrain from filing it immediately without analyzing it well. If the spun word does no longer make tons feel, you must spin the text again or use a grammar and spelling checking software program to accurate the grammatical mistakes inside the paraphrased text. In case you are not happy with the results, you ought to recall the usage of an alternative paraphrasing tool to spin the text until your dreams are met.you can check here information about Spinbot.

Once you are thrilled with the rewritten textual content, you need to run the spun textual content via a plagiarism checker device to make certain that the content material is plagiarism-loose and exclusive from the original text.You must refrain from the usage of a similar paraphrasing device to achieve comparable versions of the content.

Here are some advantages of Rewriting URLs

Here are some advantages of Rewriting URLs



How it Works

Static URLs are known to be superior to Dynamic URLs due to various reasons

1. Static URLs commonly Rank better in Search Engines.

2. Web crawlers are known to record the substance of dynamic pages a ton slower contrasted with static pages.

3. Static URLs are in every case increasingly friendlier looking to the End Users.

The case of a dynamic URL

This apparatus causes you to convert dynamic URLs into static looking HTML URLs.

The case of the above unique URL Re-composed utilizing this device


You would need to make a record called “.htaccess” and glue the code produced into it, Once you have made the .htacess document essentially duplicate it into your web registry.

URL revising of this sort would work ONLY in the event that you are facilitated on a Linux Server.

About URL Rewriting Tool

Transform your long powerful URL into a shorter one with SEOToolStation’s free URL Rewriting Tool. Our apparatus rapidly produces static URLs with a solitary snap as it were. Just glue the URL into the container and press Enter (its equivalent like our article rewriter), our URL rewriter will quickly furnish you with a shorter and static one.

Here are a few focal points of Rewriting URLs:

Static URLs are a lot less demanding to recollect for end clients

They are less demanding to bookmark

They perform better in web crawlers and may enhance your pursuit positions

Dupli Checker’s URL Rewriting Tool encourages you to revise a dynamic URL. It is somewhat adaptable and contained an effectively reasonable interface. Our dynamic URL rewriter device uses Apache’s mod change module so as to change long complex unique URLs into web index cordial static HTML URLs.

On the off chance that you trust that by shaping a fruitful site, your activity is finished, you are absolutely off-base. Each minor detail is fundamental for a site and among that, the URL requests more noteworthiness in the examination with some other thing. You may have an unnecessarily drag out URL which isn’t easy to use by any stretch of the imagination.

About URL Rewriting Tool Available At Dupli Checker

To take care of these issues, Dupli Checker has brought a superlative URL changing instrument that helps to remove dynamic URLs. Our mind-boggling device makes your URL easy to understand and short too. There can be three essential drivers for changing a dynamic URL into a static one.

Right off the bat, static URL positions better in Search Engine results. Furthermore, Static URLs are more strong in making your site quicker than dynamic URLs. What’s more, thirdly, it contains an effectively sensible interface. Subsequently, with the help of our incredible URL changing device, modify your dynamic URLs and receive your rewards. For the best services, you can visit https://seoown.com.

Why Is It Fine To Have Clean URLs?

Aside from the above reasons, static URLs have a more prominent introduction in the client’s eyes. Our amazing revamping device uses Apache’s mod to modify the component to change a dynamic URL into web index amicable static URLs. You should simply to duplicate/glue your dynamic URL in the referenced content box, and our device with changing them into a static one inside just a couple of minutes. Cheerful Converting!

Importance of Helping Others in Islam

Importance of Helping Others in Islam



Inside the Quran, Allah (SWT) says: “help one another in acts of piety and righteousness. And do not help every other in acts of sinfulness and transgression. And be privy to Allah. Verily, Allah is extreme in punishment” (Quran five:2).
1. Be kind to Others

“O Aisha, Allah is gentle and He loves gentleness. He rewards for gentleness what isn’t always granted for harshness and He does no longer praise something else find it irresistible.” (Muslim).
It’s far critical to keep in mind that in our every day lives, we are able to encounter many human beings and we aren’t constantly aware of what storm they will be going through, The easy act of being type can every so often be existence-changing to someone. One of the methods this may be completed is thru replacing advantageous verbal exchange or even honestly smiling at a person.

2. Initiate the Salaam

Spread the salaam, it increases love among believers and reminds us that we’re all in want of Allah’s peace and blessings in our lives. Do that with people whom and whom you do no longer recognise, as long as it’s far gender appropriate, there may be an awesome distinctive feature on this.

3. Make Du’a for Others in private

While you make dua for a person in person, Allah sends an angel to you who replies “Ameen and identical to you”. In case you help someone, Allah facilitates you. Supplicating for someone is a stunning manner to aide your fellow believer.

4. Ask Them What they’re suffering with and find methods to assist them

Frequently times, people struggle and we’re left thinking what the person is going thru. In case you just ask, it’s going to help you to help them sooner and deliver the man or woman clarity when they talk approximately their problem aloud.

5. Supply in Charity

“protect your self from Hell-fire even by giving a bit of date as charity.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).
One of the approaches to assist someone and protect your self from calamity is through the noble act of giving to charity, via zakat or sadaqah.

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) also stated, “We (Muslims) are the final (to return) however can be the most on the Day of Resurrection.” The narrators of this Hadith said: Allah said (to man), ‘Spend (in charity), for then i can compensate you (generously).'” (Bukhari)
6. Pay for a person’s Groceries

A random act of kindness could make a big distinction to a person’s life.

7. If you See litter, select it Up

It’s far essential to take care of our environment, and one of the approaches to reveal our gratitude to Allah is to participate in preserving clean the Dunya we’re blessed to live in. By picking up a can or a chunk of plastic from the floor, you could potentially defend a person from causing damage to themselves for the duration of unfavourable climate situations.

8. Feed an Animal

Islam advocates that the rights of animals are honoured. We understand the instance of the prostitute who nourished the thirst of a dog and as a result, became given paradise as a reward. We have to by no means belittling the deeds we do, inside the sight of Allah they will be sizeable.

9. Go to the ill

Travelling the sick for the sake of Allah is a cherished act of worship to Him. We often overlook the vulnerable and distressed while within the pursuit of our daily endeavours. Make an effort out and visit an unwell family member, or a neighbour or a person who can be unwell and does not have any individual travelling them.Now take a look at how these features of pdf books.

10. Are seeking for Forgiveness

It is vital that we are seeking for forgiveness as a means of purification and a more chance of our deeds being normal. It is vital that we remember that we must help ourselves first while assisting others. Whilst we repent, we’re cleansed. Repentance acts like a polish for the coronary heart, the equal manner we polish our vehicles, we realize whilst we do this, we make it shinier than while it’s miles turned into left untouched.

An Article On Perfectionism



What is Perfectionism? Perfectionism is defined as a meticulous pressure to attain excellence. A perfectionist is one who has this feature.

‘Perfectionism’ is a most regular notion in our civilization. Observe that I used the phrase ‘notion’.

Everywhere on this international of ours, perfectionism is regarded as precise and acceptable at the same time as imperfection is deem as horrific or poor. Each person wants everybody else to be perfect. Bosses need their personnel to be faultless at the activity. Dad and mom want their children to be the first-rate. Perfectionists need their work and themselves to be ideal.

Because it is so strongly regarded as being positive, is Perfectionism surely an absolute or standard cost? In my opinion, it isn’t always so.
To me, it is relative and is born of human concept. Perfection is an idea. It is an idea of a perceived perfect country of affair. However, matters are the way they are. For each situations, the truth is what is at every instance. Perfection and imperfection are consequently merely attached values.You can check that online dating sites

I’m now not suggesting that perfectionism is not correct. I am suggesting that perhaps perfectionism can cast a controlling net over our expression of happiness. You’ll be able to reach the desired aim without or with being a perfectionist. To be a perfectionist, alternatively, depart very little room for one to accept and love oneself unconditionally when a favored aim isn’t met. And whilst our dreams are not met, we feel sad or can not be absolutely glad. But, the truth is we simplest have every second of the existing second to live in. Through being perfectionist, our mind might be for all time planning and considering the destiny or lamenting approximately what went incorrect within the past. Because of these inclinations, many perfectionists are not able to sense delight due to the fact in their notion they by no means seem to do things desirable sufficient to warrant that feeling of contentment.

From this, we are able to see a paradox of life. That is:

“How can one have ideal peace, self-love and pleasure whilst one is a perfectionist? ”

Thanks for analyzing.

Best Fake Email Generator Sites 2019

Best Fake Email Generator Sites 2019



Make sure you are not the usage of common names like Raymond and use greater difficult to understand ones inclusive of Raymondcc 2468cc wherein viable. A few sites do now not provide you with the choice of login call and that they randomly generate a username for you, a few others will offer password protection for the account which offers higher privateness. Under are 15 websites that offer loose transient email offerings along with what every carrier has to offer. They may be indexed in no particular order.
1. Mailcatch

  • Temporary emails removal time relies upon of server load (few hours to few days)
  • Personal choice of login name of 1 to twenty-five characters
  • To be had RSS feed to your inbox
  • A Firefox upload-on is available
  • Can add time confined temporary email forwarding


  • Emails eliminated after everywhere between 2 hours and three days. The smaller the email, the longer it stays on the machine
  • Your personal preference of login name
  • Able to send anonymous e-mail

Offers extra comfortable inbox through password protecting the email cope with
Electronic mail Forwarding to your actual address to be had
According to the studies performed by way of Barkly, email is the number one manner to perform an assault. Maximum of the malware is introduced thru emails. Certainly, electronic mail assault may be a danger to the entire business enterprise too.

As per the identical studies, almost 1 in 131 emails include malware. Subsequently, for protection motives, we must workout enormous care to see that our ordinary email cope with will no longer get packed with unsolicited mail emails.

For that reason for these motives, a fake e-mail address must be used. There are numerous fake email address generators which can be available in the marketplace. We have shortlisted the top transient email mills for you. Every email generator is extraordinary in terms of functions, validity for the message & e-mail deal with, and offerings supplied via them.

You may create a disposable email address together with your Gmail and Yahoo account as well. But if so, you may filter out the spam emails obtained. With fake e-mail turbines, spam electronic mail will now not get introduced to your inbox. Therefore using them could be an awful lot safer.

A crucial part of my front-quit development workflow is operating in opposition to an information source. The hassle I encounter is the availability of dependable check facts. You do not need to create the software in opposition to stay, production information, this means that you want a check statistics supply and pretend information.

Over the years I have struggled to discover a solid tool to generate fake data like names, emails, telephone numbers, credit score card numbers and product facts. I have spent hours writing my very own logic to randomly generate random characters for content material. But that currently changed while I discovered fakers. You can read more Fake Email Generator about for more info.

I have numerous demonstration modern net apps, but speedy furniture is my number one demonstration app. I swiftly wrote the primary version a week earlier than a major conference presentation. Most of the time I invested in the utility became creating faux records. At the time I used to be nevertheless the usage of and C#, however, did not discover a proper device for faux data (on the grounds that then I’ve discovered several). So I simply used gibberish strings.

Dunkin’ Deals: Here’s How You Can Save Money at Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’ Deals: Here’s How You Can Save Money at Dunkin Donuts



A coffee keep that’s near and pricey to my heart, Fox within the Snow turned into the apparent desire for satisfactory espresso, and I’m relieved that Ohio country idea so, too. I’m proud to mention that I’ve attempted nearly every coffee keep in Columbus, however, something separates this one from the relaxation. It might be the whole no-wifi deal, and it additionally is probably the brand new Orleans Iced coffee –– however either manner, it’s unparalleled.

No longer only does the homey, industrial decor in both locations –– Italian Village and German Village –– create a hip environment that’s especially perfect for Instagram, but the pastries are to die for. I’m no longer exaggerating. Fox inside the Snow has a big variety of pastries to choose from, all made in-house or even higher warm if you get there at the correct time.

I may want to go on and on approximately this coffee shop, but I notion it’d be extra effective to ask a few Fox within the Snow frequenters to share their own mind:The strawberry danish prices $four at Fox within the Snow. Credit score: Ghezal Barghouty existence Editor

Dave Radosevic, Fox inside the Snow barista due to the fact that 2014

“I enjoy virtually simply being around the good humans and serving notable pastries and coffee regular. Just having an amazing community vibe.”

Sinead Corley, a frequenter of Fox inside the Snow

The coffee’s top-notch, all of us’s tremendous first-class. I don’t recognize, I just like the electricity –– there’s correct power all the time. The pastries are amazing, too. [My favorite is] the strawberry [Danish] for sure. I moved right here in April ultimate 12 months and that is one of the first places someone told me to come back, so I got here after which I’d come every Sunday.”

Emily Bango, graduate scholar in social paintings

“I sincerely just like the entire vibe of the place, all of the vegetation and the exclusive treats and the egg sandwiches are sincere, sincerely desirable. The egg sandwich is my favorite. There’s constantly plenty of people, so it’s a pleasing surrounding. I continually come right here with the intention of coming with different human beings, so I assume quite a few people can healthy right here due to the fact all people’s just sitting collectively and speak me and now not simply sitting in my view at computer systems.”

Kiley Nolan, fourth-year in speech and hearing sciences

“I always come with other folks that truly love it here, so I’ve kind of grown to love coming right here simply to hang out and devour and no longer do homework –– it’s a good escape from doing homework. And there’s continually little households right here, so it’s fun to look at the circle of relatives atmosphere and the children strolling around.”For best services, you can visit TellDunkin Survey.

Jax Miranda, third-year in marketing

“If this is going to make it greater famous I’m now not going to answer. I’m from new york metropolis, I grew up in new york and it’s probably the closest I’m able to get to espresso in big apple –– I’ve suggested some of my friends right here and that i showed my circle of relatives when they got here.”

Top 10 Best Shortwave Radio Reviews 2019

Top 10 Best Shortwave Radio Reviews 2019



When you want to kick back and listen to some good music, it’s all about having a boombox by your side. Listening on your phone isn’t the same as hearing that bass coming out across the back-yard. Whether you want to listen outside, inside, or in the gym, if you’re like me then you’ll need a boombox. The only problem is how do you know what to look for? You certainly know what to listen for, but to be able to do that you have to pull it out of the box.

Well, I’ve got a useful little surprise for you up my sleeve guys. There’s something I’ve been working on which will make the whole process of choosing your next bit of kit super easy…

A couple of weeks ago I put 15 of the very best on the market through their paces, and these are the results. All you have to do to find your dream sound is have a read and then take things from there. Ideal right?

The ruggedized design is perfect for taking with you on the road or to the beach
The ruggedized design is ideal if you want to take this thing with you without the worries and headaches that come with taking tech outdoors. It’s pretty bulletproof from what I’ve seen which is incredible because my tech tends to have a pretty hard life with me in charge of it. I dropped it in my garage a couple of times getting out of the car, and it still worked. Perfect!

Comes with a built-in radio which is something I’m a big fan of
The radio is easy to tune, and it can save your settings which is great for a real radio listener like me. If you want to be able to switch between your music and the news, then this could be a great little option for you. I found it so straightforward to tweak when I went from one place to another that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to you folks.

I’m a big fan of the range of colors these things come in!
The range of colors that this thing comes in is quite impressive. They give you plenty of freedom to get creative when it comes to expressing yourself. Whether you want something in your team colors, or you just want something to match your interior, then they should have you covered. With a whole host of options, you shouldn’t be short of choices when it comes to finding your own perfect style match.

There’s a headphone jack onboard, but how useful will you find it?
Personally, I made a lot of use of the jack when I was working in my home office. It doubles as a gym which is really cool, but I spend the bulk of my time working in there. When I was at the desk for 8 hours at a time, it was nice to have the option to pop on headphones, so I didn’t disturb the rest of the house.

Comes in a whole rainbow of colors so you can find a style to match your mood
I love the fact that it comes in so many different colors; it’s just an interesting thing to see when it comes to choice. No one really likes a grey box sat in the corner, so to be able to inject your own personality into proceedings is fantastic. Highly recommended if you want tech that can also turn on the style.

Onboard batteries are perfect for taking it with you wherever you want to go
The batteries on this thing were clearly designed to last and have very low charging hysteresis. For the non-nerds out there this means that you can recharge them over and over again with no noticeable tail off in performance. That’s ideal if you want the freedom to take your music with you wherever you go.

Integrated AM/FM tuner is perfect for listening to live radio
The integrated tuner is a nifty piece of kit if you want to tune into your favorite radio station with the click of a button. Personally, I made a lot more use of this than I thought I would. It was quite easy to setup which is the main reason I, in the end, took to it. There’s just something relaxing about being able to listen to some live sport when you’re working out you know?You can get this here for free Best Shortwave Radio.

Comes with an AC wall adaptor so that you don’t have to buy any annoying add-ons
I love that this thing comes with the AC adaptor because I bought something not long ago that didn’t. You may not be as excited as me about this, but if you’ve ever been caught short by stupid stuff like this, it will be a relief. I really like that it’s so easy to deal with these guys because it tells me their customer service will be good if I ever need them. Well done guys!