Here are some advantages of Rewriting URLs

Here are some advantages of Rewriting URLs

How it Works

Static URLs are known to be superior to Dynamic URLs due to various reasons

1. Static URLs commonly Rank better in Search Engines.

2. Web crawlers are known to record the substance of dynamic pages a ton slower contrasted with static pages.

3. Static URLs are in every case increasingly friendlier looking to the End Users.

The case of a dynamic URL

This apparatus causes you to convert dynamic URLs into static looking HTML URLs.

The case of the above unique URL Re-composed utilizing this device


You would need to make a record called “.htaccess” and glue the code produced into it, Once you have made the .htacess document essentially duplicate it into your web registry.

URL revising of this sort would work ONLY in the event that you are facilitated on a Linux Server.

About URL Rewriting Tool

Transform your long powerful URL into a shorter one with SEOToolStation’s free URL Rewriting Tool. Our apparatus rapidly produces static URLs with a solitary snap as it were. Just glue the URL into the container and press Enter (its equivalent like our article rewriter), our URL rewriter will quickly furnish you with a shorter and static one.

Here are a few focal points of Rewriting URLs:

Static URLs are a lot less demanding to recollect for end clients

They are less demanding to bookmark

They perform better in web crawlers and may enhance your pursuit positions

Dupli Checker’s URL Rewriting Tool encourages you to revise a dynamic URL. It is somewhat adaptable and contained an effectively reasonable interface. Our dynamic URL rewriter device uses Apache’s mod change module so as to change long complex unique URLs into web index cordial static HTML URLs.

On the off chance that you trust that by shaping a fruitful site, your activity is finished, you are absolutely off-base. Each minor detail is fundamental for a site and among that, the URL requests more noteworthiness in the examination with some other thing. You may have an unnecessarily drag out URL which isn’t easy to use by any stretch of the imagination.

About URL Rewriting Tool Available At Dupli Checker

To take care of these issues, Dupli Checker has brought a superlative URL changing instrument that helps to remove dynamic URLs. Our mind-boggling device makes your URL easy to understand and short too. There can be three essential drivers for changing a dynamic URL into a static one.

Right off the bat, static URL positions better in Search Engine results. Furthermore, Static URLs are more strong in making your site quicker than dynamic URLs. What’s more, thirdly, it contains an effectively sensible interface. Subsequently, with the help of our incredible URL changing device, modify your dynamic URLs and receive your rewards. For the best services, you can visit

Why Is It Fine To Have Clean URLs?

Aside from the above reasons, static URLs have a more prominent introduction in the client’s eyes. Our amazing revamping device uses Apache’s mod to modify the component to change a dynamic URL into web index amicable static URLs. You should simply to duplicate/glue your dynamic URL in the referenced content box, and our device with changing them into a static one inside just a couple of minutes. Cheerful Converting!

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