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The NovaPure™ brand is West’s excellent line of plugs, offering the most impenetrable particulate determination accessible for West elastomer items. NovaPure plugs join the security of FluroTec® obstruction film, West Envision® robotized vision investigation and part to-parcel extractables testing with the affirmation that originates from profound procedure comprehension and assembling controls dependent on Quality by Design (QbD) standards. The outcome is a steady item that has appeared equipped for gathering the difficulties of the present delicate, high-esteem biologics and little particles 먹튀.

NovaPure plugs are offered in two driving West definitions, a bromobutyl and a chlorobutyl. Unique taking care of and testing guarantees consistence with the most impenetrable particulate determination offered in every one of these plans. This detail, expressed in parts per million (ppm), involves unmistakable and sub-obvious estimations.

NovaPure plugs are accessible in a scope of commonplace worldwide structures chose for demonstrated machinability and usefulness and further upgraded through QbD-based standards of ceaseless improvement. Information assemble, measurable investigation and learning the board is a basic piece of the NovaPure plug quality procedure. Notwithstanding the generation input circle used to report basic procedures and drive their improvement, all NovaPure plug items experience formal yearly audit.

NovaPure plug business progression is upheld through West’s proceeding with interest in plants over our worldwide system.

NovaPure parts can be provided washed (prepared to sanitize) or cleaned (prepared to use) in standard STERIlizableBAG™ bundling or in ported sacks relying upon your need. To discover increasingly about our clean little amount contributions, you can likewise allude to West Ready Pack® brand advertising.

NovaPure® plungers are produced using West’s most present day, top tier elastomeric details with FluroTec® obstruction film to limit similarity issues with the medication item. All the way, NovaPure segments have been structured and fabricated utilizing Quality by Design standards to alleviate chance for the patient.

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