MLB will live up to ice hockey.

MLB will live up to ice hockey.

MLBAM started Internet streaming of all games in 2003 and launched mobile services in 2005. In 2010, when smartphones began to become popular, MLBAM earned 1.5 million subscribers and generated sales of over $ 500 million. With sales of $ 620 million in 2012, Forbes has even made the expression “the biggest media company you’ve ever seen”.

Early on, thanks to the Internet streaming service, MLBAM has accumulated know-how and recognized its expertise. Currently, MLBAM is acting as an Internet streaming service not only for major league baseball games but also NHL (American ice hockey league), PGA (US professional golf) live broadcasting, and pay-per-view movie channel HBO. Is not it interesting that baseball teams are relaying to ice hockey?

Currently, 95% of the content provided by MLB is free. News, columns, game information, and photos created by reporters from 30 reporters from newspaper reporters are available free of charge. Only live content operated by MLBAM must be purchased for a fee. Live content has a lot of useful data. It can be interpreted that the subscription fee is reasonable and the service is ensured and profit is generated.

MLB can distinguish itself from other sports organizations, and it is not related to the characteristics of sports such as baseball. Unlike the NBA (Professional Basketball) and NFL (American Football), which are held once or twice a week in the major leagues, there is a characteristic that the game is played every day and the interest of fans continues throughout the season. The news and videos related to the games must be updated daily to meet the needs of fans, and MLB.has fulfilled this role and has become a platform for baseball fans to visit every day.

The diversity of MLB content also contributes. The news service is basic and provides all kinds of records and produces live shows up to itself. At MLB., you can buy a baseball ticket, buy commodities for each team, and know the current condition of the players. It is possible to get away from the limited space of TV. Digital is not the sea of ​​ can check here infomation about 야구중계.

Said Bob Bowman, MLBAM CEO. “When you put the fan in for the first time, the rest comes along on its own.” When you build a baseball field, you say, “Build it, then the crowd will come.” The space has just gone from offline to online.