Hong Kong Togel Gambling Intermediary Arrested in Gegutu

Hong Kong Togel Gambling Intermediary Arrested in Gegutu



MATARAM – One year of internet toggle gambling business Awan, 62 years old and Yudi, 35 years old were dismantled by the police. The police confiscated three ATM cards, a laptop, and a passbook which became the media for the perpetrators to run their business.

Mataram Kapolres AKBP Saiful Alam said, the perpetrators made lottery purchases in Singapore and Hong Kong. They became bookies who bought numbers according to the order of lottery gamblers.

“The business has been one year. People are passing through them, “Alam said, yesterday (9/11).

The perpetrators were secured in the West Gegutu neighborhood, Rembiga Village, Selaparang District, Mataram City. Information on criminal activity both starts from public information.

Alam said, many communities around the West Gegutu neighborhood were nervous about gambling activities carried out by Awan and Yudi. “The public was anxious then reported to the officers. From there we act, “he said.

Clouds became the first perpetrators to be secured by officers. Following that, Yudi was arrested by a member of the Resmob 701 team at his residence.

When capturing the Cloud, the officer found the evidence in the form of a laptop unit, a cellphone containing a message ordering the lottery number, 25 proof sheets of transfer and deposit. There are also four pieces of paper containing a lottery number recipe and as much as Rp. 199,000.

As for Yudi’s evidence, two mobile units, one ATM card, and a passbook. Just like Awan, said the police chief, on Yudi’s cellphone also contained orders for lottery numbers.

“There is a chat on WhatsApp ,” explained Alam.

The police chief said that the arrest of the two perpetrators was expected to be a lesson for other Mataram City residents. Don’t try to gamble if you don’t want to deal with the law.

“We snare with Article 303 of the Criminal Code, the sentence is four years in prison,” he concluded.

Responding to the results of this survey, spokesman for the National Winning Body (BPN) Prabowo-Sandi Taufan Rahmadi was unwilling to polemic. For him the most important thing is to keep fighting and working. “We both know that for NTB, Prabowo is still the people’s choice,” he claimed, yesterday.

He also claimed, after the vice presidential debate a few days ago, Prabowo-Sandi’s electability had increased considerably. He believes in the debate, Sandiaga Uno managed to present a better program. “Our program is more simple but covers everything. “You don’t need a lot of cards, just an electronic KTP,” he said.for more info you can check that togel hongkong.

Related to that, NTB H TKD Chairman Misbach Mulyadi showed his enthusiasm. He believed the victory had been close. With the remaining time of a month before the presidential election, he is optimistic that Jokowi-Ma’ruf’s voice will continue to increase. This is clear, not separated from the movement of bearer party candidates. “This can fluctuate and can go up. So we have to work and not be complacent, “he said.