The exclusive single diamond ring is sold at a very high price

The exclusive single diamond ring is sold at a very high price

Most of the people who have heard about smart jewelry are wandering around the South European region. The names of design-renowned states start to spin suddenly: France, Italy, and sometimes Spain intuitively become the places where exceptional quality jewelery can be purchased. American design is undoubtedly an integral part of Apple’s production.

From the very beginning of the brand’s operation in the late 1970s, the computers of this electronics manufacturer and later mobile phones and other technical products were characterized by a sophisticated logo, colors and design. However, few people know that the appearance of most of Apple’s works is the merit of designer Jony Ive (51). A dedicated devotee spent her childhood in the UK. He started his university career at an enviable career since he was early in his career.

A brave man in one of the world’s most famous brands started working in 1992. He currently holds a senior designer position in the company. Jony is also Chancellor of the Royal College of Art in London. In addition to minimalist design, J.Eve is renowned for his exceptional appearance – five years ago, the creator, who had always been short-lived in public, was on the prestigious list of the most prestigious bare-man men in the GQ magazine. But that’s not all. Recently, the strong gender spokesperson has created what made his name so often sparkling even more prominent. He decided to take an unusual project – with the help of his friend designer Marco Newson, he made a diamond ring.

This jewelery is distinguished by the fact that it is made of a single gemstone and not of its individual parts. “The design of Ive and Newson is simple, clear and unparalleled for any diamond ring production rules that have been in place so far,” said the oldest auction house in Sotheby’s, responsible for ring selling.

An ingenious, small-size ring was created to order articles from the American diamond company Diamond Foundry, a manufacturer of synthetic diamonds. The auction is expected to sell more than 220 thousand jewelery. EUR. All the money you get from the ring will be donated to charity.

“A pre-trial investigation is being carried out on the ICO project Miner One under the characteristics of the Criminal Code (Criminal Code) for high-value fraud. These days, FTT researchers have carried out the necessary procedural steps in the pre-trial investigation. One person is suspected of high value fraud, ”she said. According to the CC, someone who has fraudulently acquired a high-value foreign asset for his own or others’ benefit or has been fraudulently involved in an organized group is punished by imprisonment for up to 8 years. Miner One pre-trial investigation is organized and headed by the Prosecutor General’s Office.

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Money is for the purchase and operation of mining equipment. Converting the Ether in May when it cost US $ 550, “says Miner One, one of the Medium platforms. It is easy to count that the people who have promised Miner One promised a project of about 4.5 million. dollars. Immediately after that the equipment order was notified. Darius Udrys, former CEO of Go Vilnius, who worked in the Facebook account in the summer for the project, in his Facebook account, posted a video showing the purchased containers and their cryptographic digging equipment.