Vein Doctor Tonie Reincke Helps Patients Understand Venous Diseases

Vein Doctor Tonie Reincke Helps Patients Understand Venous Diseases

Vein Doctor Tonie Reincke, M.D., an interventional radiologist has already assisted countless patients during her decade as a physician. This winner of the Ford Bend, Texas Best Vein Doctor and Top Doc awards in 2017 and 2018 says that patient care is her passion. She currently practices in Sugarland, Texas at Metro Vein Centers.


Dr. Reincke also states that its “not just about treating the source and symptoms” and that she wants her patients to feel comfortable. She applies her experience as a Registered Nurse and Physician’s Assistant to every varicose vein procedure she performs.


What causes vein diseases?

Venous diseases often start out with the formation of blue or purple veins swelling above the skins surface. The cause depends on a patient’s health history, but it usually progresses when small cardiovascular valves start to weaken.


The weakened blood vessels disrupt circulation, which is why the legs or feet often become swollen. The congestion of blood in a confined region also can result in pain. Varicose veins often start during pregnancy or after standing for long periods. However, it also can occur after prolong sitting, having chronic constipation, or suffering a tumor.


Conditions Treated by Vein Dr. Reincke

Dr. Reincke along with other vein specialists on staff address a variety of issues related to increased cardiovascular pressure in the thighs, ankles and feet. Vein problems are typically categories into three primary conditions that result in mild to severe pain.


Venous insufficiency –Also known as venous reflux, it usually starts with pressure buildup. This is what happens as the veins lose their strength and blood flows in the opposite direction than it should.


Varicose veins –After some time, the vein may begin to appear as though they might pop out of the skin. This protruding also might result in inflammation or swelling that causes pain and swelling. It usually forms on the calves or thighs, but they also can occur for women in the groin area and buttocks while carrying a child.


Spider veins –These are weblike tributaries of veins covering either small are area spots on the skin. They can appear in various places of the lower body, but they sometimes also form on the face.


How Vein Doctors Treat Venous Diseases

Dr. Reincke and other Texas vein specialists carefully assess each situation before deciding on a treatment course. It may include a combination of techniques keeping the goal in mind of making the process as painless, non-invasive and as quick as possible. The following paragraphs explain some of the primary treatments available.


Laser treatment –A minimally invasive treatment called endovenous laser ablation addresses both the causes and the symptoms of varicose veins. An optic fiber probe is inserted into the problem area and heats it. Like the radiology option, this activates a healing that starts occurring as soon as the procedure starts. The process and recovery usually happens quite fast and hardly ever causes more than just minor discomfort.


Radio wave sessions –A process called radiofrequency ablation that usually only requires anesthesia in the target area. The RFA administration sends heat to the treatment region and starts the healing process. This results in rerouting blood to the more functional veins, which restores circulation. The procedure usually only takes about an hour. Patients can usually resume normal activity the next day.


Sclerotherapy –Metro Vein Centers specialists often use ultrasound to enhance an injection of a substance mixed with air or gas. It usually is considered one of the best treatments for small varicose and spider veins. This process usually only takes about 30 minutes and recovery typically happens immediately.


Metro Vein Centers in Sugarland, TX are now accepting new patients. Contact the vein center to learn more about venous disease, varicose veins and spider vein treatments.


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